Smart Construction Retrofit Kit and Pilot

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What is Smart Construction Retrofit Kit?


A retrofit kit provides ICT functionality to an existing hydraulic excavator. Being equipped with the Kit allows the use of the following functions, thus enabling machine of a conventional type to perform ICT construction.


What functions are included?


  • • 3D machine guidance is a function to acquire the machine location information by GNSS
  • and provide a cab tablet device with the difference between design data of the construction area and location of the bucket edge.
  • • Payload Meter is a function to measure the weight of soil loaded in the bucket of the hydraulic excavator.
  • • Acquire 3D construction data while operating on a project using 3D digital design, as
  • constructed information is collected from the machine. Which can be visualised in Smart Construction Dashboard, allowing automatic updating of the design surface. Change in topography can also be visualised on the in cabin RFK screen using SC Pilot application.


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