Komatsu Hoses

Komatsu Genuine Hydraulic Hoses

​The hydraulic hose system on your Komatsu equipment is a critical element in the efficient and safe operation of your machine. That’s why it is essential to only use Komatsu Genuine Hoses, properly matched to machine performance and specification.

A hose failure will not only result in unscheduled downtime, but can also have potentially fatal safety implications.

We can supply a wide range of genuine Komatsu hydraulic hoses assembled and distributed through both our extensive Komatsu NZ and Komatsu Service Partners all fully complying with Komatsu factory specifications.

Why should I only use Komatsu Genuine Hoses

There is big difference in quality between genuine Komatsu hydraulic hoses and hoses from third-party suppliers.

We have more than 20,000 product numbers in our hydraulic hose database, with our design engineers carefully selecting the right hose to meet machine performance and specification. 

Genuine Komatsu hoses are manufactured with even placement of rubber material and metal wire, ensuring the hose will reach its product design life with correct use and maintenance practices.

Non-genuine hoses often will not have even placement of the rubber material and metal braids, and thus can be very prone to leaking or bursting, resulting in shorter life.


Why should I only use Komatsu-approved hose services?

A third-party hose technician, without full access to the Komatsu database of hose specifications and fitment guidelines may supply replacement hoses only by means of a visual inspection of the hoses on your machine.

As a result, you cannot be guaranteed of the correct specification of hose and fittings for your machine.

If the hose has guarding, or has deteriorated, they may also not be able to identify the correct operating pressure.

In a worst-case situation, the non-genuine product may not meet Komatsu equipment working pressures and may catastrophically fail soon after replacement.


How often should I replace my hoses?

Komatsu recommends hydraulic hose replacement every two years or 4000 hours, whichever comes sooner for safety critical parts.


For more information on hose replacement, hose inspections, and replacement intervals specific to your machines and operations, please call 0800 00 4127 to speak to your nearest Customer Support Sales Representative.