Komtrax is Komatsu’s remote monitoring system – supplied free of charge with all new and Komatsu Premium Used equipment – that provides access to specific machine data and jobsite management through a recently updated and improved user interface.

You can access Komtrax by pointing your smartphone or tablet at the QR codes on the screen.


Access Komtrax:








For more information about Komtrax contact us:
Phone: 0800 00 4127
Email: komtrax@komatsu.com.au


  • Question 1: How does Komtrax work?

    • GPS satellite and mobile network provides position information to your machine. 
    • The Komtrax unit in your machine gathers engine and position data, and transmits this information to our Komtrax data centre.
    • Komtrax data centre stores and distributes this information for the entirety of the machine’s life.
    • You can access data stored by the Komtrax data centre using your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Question 2: Benefits of Komtrax?

    • Service Meter Reading
    • Identifying physical address
    • Geofencing an area requested by the customer
    • Actual fuel consumption/ average hourly fuel consumption/ residual fuel level
    • Dashboard cautions
    • Maintenance reminders/ notifications
    • Six-digit abnormality code
    • Forced lock/ “Night Time” lock/ calendar lock
    • Out of Area alerts
    • Movement generated position reports
    • Actual working hours (engines operating periods throughout the day)
    • Attachment working hours
    • Operation hours in each work mode (economy, power, breaker, lifting), including: - Digging hours - Hoisting hours - Travel hours - Breaker usage hours - Hydraulic relief hours - Eco-mode usage hours – Load frequency (hours spent in four different load levels determined by pump pressures or engine torque)

  • Question 3: How do I get Komtrax?

    Komtrax is a complimentary service and fitted onto all Komatsu machines. To see if your machine is enabled please contact the Komtrax department.

  • Question 4: How much does Komtrax cost?

    To ensure we deliver the best service possible, Komtrax is free of charge throughout the life of your machine.