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​Komtrax on your mobile - greater flexibility to monitor your machine!

Komtrax Mobile provides you with valuable information regarding your assets. Information that can help you get a quick overview of your machines operations.

To access Komtrax on your mobile, go to komtrax.komatsu.com.au

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Komtrax Mobile offers innovative solutions such as: 

  1. Fleet summary operation, Daily, Weekly & Monthly data 
  2. Ability to contact key Komatsu team members at the touch of a button! This includes your local Sales team, CSSR, Service, Parts and ICT (Information Communication Technology department)
  3. Identifying your machines' locations and get driving directions to it from your phone's location
  4. Accessing hours of use on each of your machines
  5. Identifying idle time* 
  6. Monitoring your fuel consumption*
  7. Getting an overview of exactly what and when cautions were triggered on your machine
  8. Checking any significant movements of your machines
  9. Identifying machines that had no communication
  10. Identifying which machines were not used with our "No Usage" feature

*The availability of fuel consumption and idle time is dependent on the machine type & model.



These features can be customised to view a specific time-period from up to one day to a month. Additionally, the fleet can be filtered by model, customer management number or serial number.