Ground Engaging Tools

Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are a critical element in successful excavating and earthmoving – and one of the most expensive. Whether you are digging, loading, pushing or ripping representing one of the highest areas of ongoing expenses with earthmoving equipment. 


Our GET solutions suit any application, from the smallest utility machine to large production mining equipment, suitable for Komatsu and non-Komatsu products.


Our offerings include genuine Komatsu GET specifically designed for your excavators, loaders, dozers and graders, including teeth, bolt on edges, end bits and ripper boots. 


In addition, we are the exclusive supplier of industry-leading Hensley and KVX GET systems - allowing you to select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to your application.


Komatsu Hensley Solutions: Komatsu’s Hensley XS adapter system is the latest technological advance in cast GET engineering. Hensley's revolutionary quick-change “hammerless” retention system, ensures XS tooth changeover is safer, faster and easier than any alternative.

Komatsu KVX Solutions: Our Komatsu KVX system combines the benefits of premium-quality forged steel and the reliability of bolting, making KVX GET ideal of for harsh, abrasive conditions, or in applications where you simply cannot afford to lose a tooth into a crusher.