In 1965, a little-known Japanese construction equipment manufacturer – but with a fast-growing reputation – began selling a range of dozers in the Australian market through a distributor. 


Today, Komatsu is a major supplier to the construction, quarrying and mining industries, offering a full range of some of the most innovative, advanced and productive machines on the market. And as a result, career opportunities are endless in various fields of expertise.


At Komatsu, we are always looking for good people to come and join the Komatsu family. Our vision is to be indispensable to our customers by having the most professional, skilled and engaged people who drive innovation. With over 3,400 employees across our Oceania operations (covering Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Indonesia) we offer the opportunity to have more than just a job. We offer a long-term career with ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure our people are always growing in a supportive team environment that fosters creative thinking.


At Komatsu, we consider ourselves family where we meet challenges together, solve complicated problems together, strive for a better future together and most importantly enjoy ourselves whilst developing great friendships. Your success is our success.