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Komatsu Apprenticeships

Komatsu's Apprentice Development System (ADS) is an innovative and comprehensive approach to apprenticeship training that has set new national standards in the industry. Since its inception as a trial program in Australia in 2009, the ADS program has expanded and began serving the New Zealand business since 2017, 36 apprentices participating in the program to date.

  • What can I expect as a Komatsu Apprentice
  • • Learn valuable, nationally recognised job skills and qualifications
  • • Be supported by a dedicated Apprentice Technical Capability team
  • • Be provided with mental health awareness and resilience training
  • • Opportunity to advance your career globally by leveraging from cross-functional development
  • • Continual training and upskilling for ongoing career development

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Apply

  • How do I apply?

    Applications open 1 July 2024. But in the meantime you can register your interest for a 2025 Komatsu apprentice, by clicking here. By registering your interest, we will be able to notify you of any Open Day Events at our facilities around the country, giving you the chance to learn more about what a Komatsu apprenticeship is all about. We will also email you when applications officially open.

  • How to prepare your application for the Komatsu Apprentice Program

    To ensure that you are well-prepared for the job application process, we recommend following the steps listed below. Although applying for a job can be a challenging and lengthy process, these steps will enable you to improve your application and increase your chances of success in the recruitment process. By taking the time to follow these steps, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently navigate the job application process and stand out from the group. 

    1. Understand the company: Research Komatsu both nationally and internationally. Learn as much as you can about the company including: 

    a. History: Learn about the company’s history, including when it was founded, how it has evolved over time and any significant milestones in its development. 

    b. Values: investigate the values that Komatsu upholds, such as its commitment to safety, innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. 

    c. Products and Services: Familiarise yourself with the range of products and services that Komatsu offers such as construction and mining equipment, forklifts, and industrial machinery. 

    d. Career Opportunities: Explore the various career opportunities that Komatsu offers, such as management roles, training and development positions and cross-functional opportunities. 

    2. Apprenticeship Streams: Research what Apprenticeship Streams are available within that specific intake as this can change from year-to-year. You can find this information via the Komatsu website - Apprentice Program page a month prior to the applications open date.  

    3. Work experience / traineeships / pre-apprenticeship program:  By completing work experience or a pre-apprenticeship before starting an apprenticeship, you will: 

    a. Gain exposure to the industry 

    b. Build knowledge and technical skills 

    c. Make an informed decision whether you enjoy this career path 

    d. Enhance employability 

    4. Speak with industry experts, technicians, and apprentices: This is advantageous for several reasons including: 

    a. Gain valuable insights about the industry, company culture and apprenticeship stream 

    b. Networking opportunities lead to future recommendations 

    c. Interview preparation by better understanding the recruitment process, what questions to ask and how Komatsu looks after their employees 

    d. Stand out from the crowd by demonstrating additional knowledge about the industry, Komatsu and what the role will entail on a day-to-day basis. 

    5. Update your resume: Ensure your resume is current and details the following: 

    a. Personal details – Name, address, current workplace / school, work experience, pre-apprenticeships, training certificates, licences, hobbies, awards / accolades, voluntary work, referee contact details 

    6. Gain additional skills: Enrol into extra-curricular activities as this will promote personal growth and development. Some examples include: 

    a. Volunteering 

    b. Sporting Clubs / Social groups 

    c. Toastmasters 

    d. Leadership Positions – Coaching / Referee / Instructing Classes  

    e. Learn a musical instrument, language, art classes etc 

    7. Attend industry events / Career Expos / Branch guided walkthroughs: Review the schedule of events which the Komatsu Team will be attending throughout the year whereby you will have the chance to ask any questions face-to-face. 

    8. Speak to your Career Advisor: Reach out to your School’s Career Advisor for advice on pre-apprenticeships on offer, work experience and partnerships with local businesses, assistance with improving your resume and preparing for interviews, guidance on various career pathways and qualifications. 

    9. Strong School results: It is advantageous to have passed English and Maths therefore advise to focus on achieving the best possible results, for those completing high school. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Komatsu Apprenticeships

  • How long is the apprenticeship?

    All automotive engineering apprenticeship programs are a structured training arrangement that will run over a four year period which involves formal training from a Registered Training Organisation with workplace-based training, access to Komatsu specific training programs, the choice to work across Australia or New Zealand and get paid whilst you’re learning. 

  • Will I have to buy my own uniforms and tooling?

    No, Komatsu will arrange all your uniforms and tooling.

  • Will I get to go to site?

    This will be dependent on your location. However, most likely, yes. It is common to work onsite during your 4th year.

  • What does a Komatsu Apprenticeship Include?

    • Direct local recruitment, testing and system management  

    • Intensive induction consisting of Foundation Electrical and Hydraulics, Basic Hand Skills, HSE and Business focused programs   

    • Fixed term rotational assignments with clear processes and methods  

    • Structure Learning and Experience Plans (LEP's) for each assignment  

    • On-the-job Competency Assessment to specified national Komatsu standards 

    • Detailed record keeping by apprentices of their work experience via the Learning and Experience Record (LER)  

    • Nationally Recognised Qualification 

    • Continuous measurement of progress via LEP's  

    • Dedicated Safety training to address high risk environments within the workplace 

    • Ongoing Technical and Non-technical skills development through customised internal technical training  

    • Career planning and pathways

  • What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

    • A nationally recognised trade certificate in your chosen career field. 

    • Credits towards a Certificate IV in Business, in addition to your trade qualification. 

    • Hands-on training with cutting-edge tools and technology. 

    • Access to Komatsu-specific training programs. 

    • Permanent employment, which comes with a full range of employee benefits. 

    • Guidance on career planning and potential pathways for advancement. 

    • Compensation for your work and learning.

  • What is the minimum age requirement for a Komatsu apprenticeship?

    To be eligible to commence the apprenticeship program, you must be a minimum of 16 years old at the time of commencement as well as hold New Zealand working rights. If you are under 18 years old and under the care or control of a parent or guardian, when commencing the apprenticeship program, you will require parental signed consent from your parent/guardian. We also welcome and encourage mature aged candidates to apply.