Maintenance Contract Agreements

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Under a Komatsu Maintenance Contract Agreement you outsource your maintenance requirements to us, and in return you have a guaranteed hourly operating cost. You get the benefits of fixed operating costs and certain equipment reliability. Whether you own a single machine or manage a large fleet, our Contract Agreement options help you maximise the life cycle of your valuable assets through the most cost-effective maintenance management available.

What do Komatsu Maintenance Contract Agreements cover:

Komatsu Contract Maintenance Agreements provide you with access to Komatsu-trained service technicians, state-of-the-art component remanufacturing and a comprehensive range of advanced condition monitoring services.

Contract terms range from 12 months to the entire life of the machine (subject to a five-yearly review). We offer a flexible suite of comprehensive maintenance contracts, so you can select the maintenance contract that best suits your business requirements.

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