Komatsu Couplers

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Komatsu Genuine Couplers

Komatsu New Zealand supplies a range of purpose built couplers for Komatsu excavators and toolcarrier-type wheel loaders.


Komatsu excavator couplers

Komatsu Genuine Couplers (also known as “quick hitches”) for excavators meet NZ and Australian safety standards for excavator couplers, including positive locking systems and hose-burst protection as standard to ensure buckets, breakers and other attachments are securely held in place until they are changed over by the operator.


Their low profile design ensures minimal impact on bucket breakout forces when using a Komatsu excavator coupler.


Available for the full range of Komatsu utility and construction excavators, our excavator couplers/hitches maximise the flexibility, productivity and efficiency of your machine.


Komatsu toolcarrier wheel loader couplers

Our factory designed and manufactured wheel loader couplers significantly increase the flexibility, productivity and applications for Komatsu’s toolcarrier-type wheel loaders (WA200-8 through to WA320-8, fitted with PZ-type bucket link systems).


They allow the rapid changeover of a full range of attachments, including buckets, pallet forks, cranes, grabs and others.


A positive locking systems ensures attachments remain firmly attached to the loader until the operator changes them over.


Using industry-standard fitments, they work with a wide range of third party attachments.