Introducing the new Komtrax

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We have recently given Komtrax a major overhaul, and it now offers multiple added benefits, including:

1. Improved interface

With a more user-friendly and intuitive look and feel, you can now better navigate through the site. Data is displayed in a more structured and meaningful way so you can rapidly understand content and maximise the value of Komtrax.

2. Interactive View with Google Maps

Through map or satellite view, you can easily see telemetry data on all your Komatsu machines at a glance. By zooming in the interactive map, you can click to see machine data and view a route to the machine. Additionally, step-by-step directions to the machine is a few mouse clicks away.

3. Enhanced search tool

The new website features a new unified search field allowing you to search across various criteria such as model, type, sub-type, serial number, etc. You can also pre-set your search settings, thus save time having to re-input the same search criteria in future.

4. Jobsite Management

By tracking each Komatsu machine, you can easily view and manage how many hours your machines have worked and the amount of fuel it consumes allowing for better performance management of your fleet.

Other new Komtrax features include:

  • Fleet Management - Improves your fleet utilisation.
  • Machine Location - Helps identify the exact geographic location of your machine.
  • Work Monitoring - Reports on what your machine is doing.
  • Security - Locks your machine remotely, for added anti-theft and safety measures.
  • Machine Performance - Monitors whether your machine requires service or maintenance.
  • Enhanced reporting on key engine operating parameters of Komatsu’s new Tier 4 Final low emission engines.