Komatsu launches new class of hydrostatic dozer

Machines incorporate latest iMC technology for industry-best efficiency and production

A new line of 22-tonne class dozers that feature hydrostatic drive for significantly increased manoeuvrability and greatly enhanced visibility to work areas – combined with an integrated intelligent Machine Control (iMC) automated system for industry-leading jobsite efficiency – has been released by Komatsu.

Komatsu’s D71EXi/PXi-24 dozers – a new class of hydrostatic dozer for the company – combine iMC 2.0 enhancements and Tier 4 Final emissions technology to deliver industry-leading levels of performance, versatility and low operating cost.

In the same size class as its popular D65EX-18 dozer, the 23 tonne D71EXi-24 (also available in swamp dozer configuration as the D71PXi-24) is the largest hydrostatic drive dozer on the market to incorporate iMC capabilities.

It is also one of the first machines on the market to feature Komatsu’s just-released iMC 2.0, a significant update that delivers major productivity, efficiency and cost saving advantages to its latest model “intelligent” dozers.

Power for the new dozer comes from a Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 Tier 4 Final-compliant engine rated at 179 kW, through a fully hydrostatic transmission.

According to Komatsu Dozers Product Manager Pat Munro, the move to hydrostatic drive has allowed for a significant redesign of the D71EXi/PXi-24, making it more versatile, productive, manoeuvrable, and with unmatched visibility to the blade edges.

“While it’s in the same size class as our D65 series dozers, moving to hydrostatic has allowed us to adopt a cab-forward design. This, combined with our ‘super-slant’ nose design, gives incredible visibility to the work area,” he said.

“This means the operator can see blade tips, can see everything around them. They get an excellent view forward, something that’s not typically the case in dozers in this size class, which traditionally have had a very high hood and quite limited visibility out the front window to the work area.”

Munro said the combination of hydrostatic drive and super slant nose, made the new dozer very nimble and versatile, allowing an operator to work efficiently and effectively in very tight areas.

“It’s a very versatile one-in-all machine that can quickly go from bulk dozing through to fine detail work – particularly when you take advantage of its iMC 2.0 capabilities.

“This provides unmatched flexibility on any jobsite,” he said.

“Hydrostatic drive makes it extremely manoeuvrable, particularly as it’s matched with our Palm Command Control System (PCCS), giving the operator very fine control.”

Its iMC 2.0 capabilities provide substantially improved automated dozing operations, in bulk earthworks through to finish grade work. Features of this include:

   •   Lift layer control
   •   Quick surface creation
   •   Proactive dozing control
   •   Tilt steering control
   •   Two antennas supporting multiple GNSS.

“Lift Layer Control, and Tilt Steering Control are both exclusive features of iMC 2.0, and represent a significant advance in automated dozing technology,” said Munro.

“With Lift Layer Control, the dozer automatically spreads fill material from existing areas of the worksite with just the press of a button, then measures the terrain it’s tracking over – and use that data to plan the next pass.

“The result is that production rates are doubled compared with conventional dozing operations, while 100% automatic operation means each layer is completely consistent and accurate.”

iMC 2.0’s one-touch Tilt Steering Control feature frees the operator from having to steer the dozer to maintain a straight heading, by continuously and automatically tilting the blade as required to maintain straight-line travel.

“This greatly reduces operator fatigue and increases comfort, because operator input is reduced by up to 80%, while straight-line travel guarantees a cleaner cut,” he said.

The D71EXi/PXi-24 also features Komatsu’s INPAT (intelligent Power/Angle/Tilt) blade with adjustable pitch that offers maximum dozing versatility across multiple applications, including blade capacity increased by 13% over D65-18 series dozers.

Work equipment speeds, to both blade and ripper, have also been increased, for greater responsiveness and accuracy of finish.

According to Munro, the new D71 class of dozers also offer best-in-class operator comfort and safety.

“It’s got a very quiet and comfortable cab, including a redesigned fully adjustable air-suspension high-comfort seat, with in-cab noise levels of just 76 dBA.

“And our unique super-slant nose design gives the operator an excellent view over the entire worksite, including other machines, work vehicles and personnel that may be near by.”

Munro said the new D71EXi/PXi-24 line of hydrostatic dozers set new standards in mid-size dozer performance and productivity.

“This size of dozer is being used more and more on job sites; the introduction of machine control systems has brought a new level of versatility to dozer operations.

“And now with our fully integrated iMC 2.0, combined with the efficiency, flexibility and power of hydrostatic drive, customers will see significant improvements in jobsite productivity and accuracy, while further lowering their costs of operation,” he said.

Brief specs are:

D71EXi-24: Operating weight, 22.7 tonnes; engine, Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 Tier 4 Final-compliant engine rated at 179 kW; blade capacity, 4.42 cubic metres.

D71PXi-24: Operating weight, 23.2 tonnes; engine, Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 Tier 4 Final-compliant engine rated at 179 kW; blade capacity, 4.65 cubic metres.

D71PXi-24 Wide: Operating weight, 24 tonnes; engine, Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 Tier 4 Final-compliant engine rated at 179 kW; blade capacity, 5.02 cubic metres.

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