How our 3D data services help you better manage your projects

Smart Construction’s 3D data service covers a range of services for customers working with 2D and 3D design files on their projects. These include:

  • Professional consultancy for 3D design and site related survey, including training and recommendations, both directly or indirectly to a customer’s primary client
  • 3D data management, including recommended solutions and services on a project-by-project basis
  • Conversions of 3D project data files to OEM-specific machine control files
  • Data localisation conversions as part of site preparation for a project
  • Developing 3D design files from 2D engineering plans in a three-party consultancy between client, customer and Komatsu
  • Ongoing design changes as required throughout the lifecycle of a project; under our three-party consultancy process, design changes can be easily sent to the machine remotely for seamless operation as designs change and develop.

Our data services have broad applications across civil construction, quarrying and mining, for all customers working with 2D or 3D design-based projects.

As well, we’ve developed our Smart Centre professional consultancy service to address a range of issues within this industry sector for both existing and new users using 3D data for machine control applications.

Our Smart Centre team can help you manage best practice site setup, 3D data preparation for successful intelligent machine control operation, train new users and operators and assist you in negotiations with third-party design consultants, primary contractors and others on behalf of customers.

In addition, Smart Centre service technicians can provide 3D design data creation through iMC machines for new users or those users who may not wish to create the data themselves working in conjunction with selected business partners.

Our Smart Centre team works with you, your clients, and the design professionals involved to complete site setup, localising projects and coordinating the 3D design to the actual location.

End result: Komatsu’s holistic approach to 2D and 3D data services makes it easy for you to implement and integrate this ground breaking new technology, working with you and your other project stakeholders to deliver a successful end result.