Komatsu General Construction Undercarriage

Komatsu General Construction Track Link Assembly

General Construction Track Link Assembly is a ​Genuine Komatsu Undercarriage product designed to deliver outstanding performance in moderate-impact applications. 


Engineered by Komatsu, General Construction Track Link Assemblies are specifically made for our 30 tonne class excavators. 


They include specially developed links and pins designed for low impact applications, so you can  use the right undercarriage for the right job, reducing operational and maintenance costs. 

Our General Construction Track Link Assembly is a cost-effective alternative to our standard undercarriage products.



General construction undercarriage will bring cost savings if you are operating within low to moderate impact applications, such as: 

  • Abrasive applications
  • Sand/soil
  • Civil construction
  • General excavation
  • Dirt loading
  • Attachment type: bucket

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