Load up on DOUBLE Airpoints Dollars

Earn 2 Airpoints Dollars for every $50 spent

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Load up on DOUBLE Airpoints Dollars™


Earn 2 Airpoints Dollar for every $50 spent on Komatsu Genuine Parts & Service*

Valid from 1 December 2019 to 29 February 2020.

To start earning today join Airpoints™ for Business at www.airpoints.co.nz/business & email your Airpoints for Business number to info@komatsu.co.nz 

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For more information call 0800 566 2878



  • Question 1: How many Airpoints will my business earn on Komatsu Genuine Parts?

    Airpoints for Business members will earn 2 Airpoints Dollars for every $50 NZD + GST spent on eligible New Genuine parts on our Double Airpoints promotion from 1 December 2019 to 29 February 2020, after which it returns to 1 Airponts Dollar for every $50 NZD + GST spent.

  • Question 2: Do I need to have a trade account with Komatsu to earn Airpoints Dollars?

    Yes, you do. To open a trade account with Komatsu please call 0800 566 2878.

  • Question 3: What do I need to do to earn Airpoints Dollars on Komatsu Genuine Parts?

    • If your business is not yet registered for Airpoints for Business, firstly join for free (https://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/airpoints-for-business)

    • In order to register for Airpoints for Business, you need to be an Airpoints member, if you are not you can register here for free. (https://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/airpoints-for-business)

    • When you buy your new Komatsu Genuine machine parts or service your machine directly from/with KOMATSU be sure to let the KOMATSU sales representative know your business is an Airpoints for Business member so they can note it on your account. To have your Airpoints for Business membership added to your KOMATSU account so you can start earning Airpoints Dollars, contact Komatsu on 0800 566 2878 or email info@komatsu.co.nz 

  • Question 4: When will my business receive its Airpoints?

    Points are calculated 45 days after the inception date of the Komatsu Parts purchase, and will be credited to your Airpoints for Business account within 60 days of purchasing the product(s).

  • Question 5: What happens to my business’ Airpoints if I return the Komatsu Genuine Parts?

    If you return the Komatsu Genuine Parts within 45 days of purchase you will not receive Airpoints. If you return the part(s) at any other time, or it has been refunded, KOMATSU may deduct an amount of Airpoints equivalent to any other parts from any future Airpoints you would otherwise be entitled to.

  • Question 6: What Komatsu Genuine Parts can my business earn Airpoints on?

    New Komatsu Genuine parts only.