How cloud-based Komconnect improves your operational efficiency and safety

Komatsu’s new cloud-based Komconnect service is designed to improve safety, productivity and operational efficiency on construction sites.

The “brains” of SMARTCONSTRUCTION, it brings together all the information related to a project, connecting people, machines and providing them up-to-date information from a variety of sources on or off site, available any time on a variety of devices.

Features of Komconnect include:

  • 2D and 3D visualisation of your project
  • Progress volume management
  • Logging machine as-built data
  • Colour change of updated areas as work progresses
  • Displaying machine position
  • Data management
  • File export
  • Remote support of machines and control systems.

Komconnect provides a number of key phases in the SMARTCONSTRUCTION process, starting with high-precision site survey using drone support, then combining the captured and stored data with design drawings provided by the customer to create a 3D computer model of the site.

This provides an accurate picture of the area, shape and volume of earth to be moved.

A third stage in the process involves adding in data on site-specific factors such as ground conditions and buried objects.

Construction plans are developed from this data, then uploaded to the Komconnect cloud.

During the construction phase, the data from the design model is transmitted from Komconnect to Komatsu’s iMC (intelligent Machine Control) equipment on site.

With the iMC system’s ability to automatically control the position of the blade or bucket, even inexperienced operators are better able to carry out high-precision work – while experienced operators will be even more productive.

Progress on the project is continuously logged and monitored by the iMC machines working on site, with the resulting data fed back into Komconnect.

In the final stage in the process, this stored data can then be used to provide reliable, accurate as-built information to the client and can act a resource for future infrastructure maintenance.

Komatsu’s implementation of Komconnect is allowing us to continue on our technology journey – with our sole focus being to harness new and emerging technology to the benefit of our customers.

This is the next evolutionary step following our successful introduction of automation and intelligent machines to the industry.

End result: Komatsu’s Komconnect cloud service lets you safely and securely store your critical project related data in a format that’s quickly and easily available when  you need it.