What training and support is available for Smart Construction?

We recognise to ensure the success of Smart Construction for our New Zealand customers, we need to deliver the training and support necessary for you to successfully implement it within your operations and projects.

That’s where our team of Komatsu TSEs (Technology Solution Experts) come in; they will be working with customers providing training, support, assistance and advice across all aspects of Smart Construction technologies.

Our goal is to:

  • Provide and assist you with professional, expert advice on our iMC products and Smart Construction service offerings
  • Educate customers on the benefits and advantages of Komatsu’s new technology offerings in enhancing your business
  • Provide best practice and industry-leading support to you in setting up and achieving optimum results through their iMC machines, as well as providing training, 3D design and support.
  • Maintain remote access to machines working in the field, for continuous monitoring, troubleshooting and service solutions.

Our Auckland-based TSE is available to work throughout New Zealand, across all levels with our customers; owners and management, surveyors, engineers, site project supervisors and managers, operators and maintenance crews.

Our New Zealand TSE is supported from our Smartcentre headquarters in Sydney, as well as our other regional and global TSE group members, providing unrivalled expertise and support for our customers.

End result: The knowledge, expertise and training within our Komatsu TSE team gives you the peace of mind that we will not only assist you in implementing a Smart Construction solution, but also that you will have access to ongoing support and assistance.