What can Komatsu Smart Construction do for me?

Smart Construction covers the critical steps in a project’s development, from initial site survey and design, through to machine control management, machine interconnectivity and review of project progress during the construction phase, and finally development of detailed as-built information for future construction and infrastructure maintenance.


We have integrated these technologies through the introduction of our drone-based survey and site management technology, and our cloud-based information management offering – backed by a team of technology solution experts.


Our ability to offer this fully integrated, end-to-end range of cutting edge products, services and solutions across every aspect of a project, gives Komatsu customers a real edge in today’s increasingly competitive and challenging business environment.


It covers four key areas:

  1. A UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone service, covering initial site survey, along with cut/fill and stockpile calculations, as well as ongoing progress tracking and site logistics.
  2. 3D data services, covering conversion of 3D data files to formats suitable for machine control applications, and a best-industry practice 3D design consultancy, development and management over the life of a project.
  3. Our cloud-based service, bringing together all the information relating to a project, from initial survey, design drawings and construction plans, through to machine control data files, daily project progress data generated by machines and survey equipment as the job progresses, and final as-built information once it is completed.
  4. Support services, covering remote monitoring, remote file transfer and operating training; iMC (intelligent Machine Control) advice, project integration and site set up; assistance and professional consultancy with 3D design file development; troubleshooting and servicing of machines and control systems.


Smart Construction builds on our industry-leading expertise in machine management through our INSITE fleet management centre, KOMTRAX remote monitoring service, and our highly innovative iMC (intelligent Machine Control) technology.


Smart Construction lets us offer solutions to all customers throughout New Zealand, across a range of industry sectors.


And the in-built flexibility and capabilities of these technology offerings mean we can tailor products and services to your needs, personalising them to how you manage and run your business.


This technology represents a huge advance in how contractors, project owners, quarry operators and mining companies can design, plan, construct and manage their projects.


With Smart Construction truly the next big step in construction industry management technology, bringing together some of the key technological developments over the past couple of decades in an integrated end-to-end solution, we are bringing the highest levels of technological expertise and experience to assist our New Zealand customers in implementing it.