How Komatsu’s Smart Construction drone technology gives you unrivalled project or site visibility

Smart Construction​’s integrated autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are an ideal solution for your total survey and site or project management needs.
We use purpose-designed Explore1 precision 3D mapping drones through our global strategic business partners Skycatch.


This integrated drone technology enhances our total site solution for customers. 

Smart Construction is fully integrated with the Skycatch cloud platform, using the Explore1 precision 3D mapping drone. This highly specialised drone is the only commercial quadcopter capable of creating 3D point clouds with sub-5cm accuracy, without the use of ground control points.


This is coupled with Edge 1 technology allowing us to process high accuracy point clouds in remote areas without internet connectivity, a major advance in data processing.

This means our technology delivers quick, reliable and centimetre level accurate survey for all earthmoving, quarry and mining applications, adding incredible value to our Smart Construction solutions.


Komatsu’s drone technology can record current as-built data, provide high-resolution imagery for daily updates and construction progress, plus cut and fill volume reporting. 

By offering Explore 1 and Edge 1 technologies, Komatsu customers have access to the most advanced systems in the industry.

And in addition to being completely integrated into our Smart Construction technology offerings through our cloud-based service, our drone technology can also work alongside Komatsu’s AHS (autonomous haulage systems).


Ultimately, this means we can offer total end-to-end site planning, management and construction solution for Komatsu customers throughout New Zealand now, tomorrow and in the future.

End result: Komatsu’s integrated drone technology gives New Zealand contractors, quarries, mine operators and project owners unrivalled visibility into work site progress. 



What are the capabilities of Smart Construction’s drone technologies?



Komatsu's Smart Construction drone capabilities include:

  • Site survey cut/fill and stockpile volume calculations, allowing users to:
    • Measure quantities to confirm cut and fill estimates
    • Identify potential delays and verifying truckload estimates
    • Carry out continuous as-built surveys at the beginning, middle and end of projects.
  • Progress tracking and site logistics, allowing:
    • Billing verification and work-in-place tracking
    • Site logistics overlay and site constraint analysis 
    • Quicker and more accurate site planning.
  • Online collaboration and communication, including:
    • Frequent map updates for improved safety and coordination with outside agencies 
    • File exports for data manipulation, reporting and site meetings.

Industries that can benefit immediately from this service include civil construction, agriculture, quarrying and mining.

It also allows a high degree of integration with our cloud-based application, and real-time as-built file management and reporting through our iMC (intelligent Machine Control) technology.