• Typical 30° boom setting configurations

  • Horsepower configuration

  • Weights

  • General specifications

P&H 9010C Draglines

No matter what boom length, bucket capacity or geometry you need, you’ll find a P&H dragline built from the ground up to deliver long-term, consistent, reliable performance.

Tub engineered to perform

Built for long life and low maintenance, P&H tubs handle multi-directional loads and verti-shield welding joins on all intersection plates with one continuous weld resulting in minimal distortion with widely distributed loading and low residual stresses.

Intelligent, productivity-focused electronics

Track your machine’s performance to support efficient operation and maintenance activities. The Centurion control system utilises smart electronics to monitor dragline operation.

Highly engineered boom and A-frame

Stability, excellent visibility of boom point sheaves and balanced axial working loads with the four-chord boom with flat underside. For maximum-rated suspended load, the A-frame is engineered to keep load forces low.