Komatsu Australia offers an unprecedented degree of versatility backed with its industry leading service and support packages in its Dash 8 range of 13 tonne excavators.

Komatsu-PC138US-8-offset-boom-3-(1).jpgIt offers two models within thisrange, the PC130-8 and the PC138US-8 short-tail swing excavator.Standard features of the PC130-8 and PC138US-8 include:

Full size ROPS certified cabin with optional bolt on OPG Level 2 guarding to provide falling object protection

Low sound levels of 68dB(A) at the operator's ear.Large easy-to-read TFT liquid crystal display monitor communicating all key machine functions and alerting the operator to abnormalities and maintenance intervals

Komatsu ecot3 Tier III-compliant low emission diesel engine

Five mode engine/hydraulic management system, ensuring optimum operational and fuel efficiency and including power and economy settings, a low-speed precision mode for lifting operations, a breaker mode for hammer operation and an attachment mode thatcan be fine-tuned to the needs of a particular attachment

Komatsu's KOMTRAX remote monitoring system enabling web-based monitoring of machine location, condition and usage and including security features to protect against theft and unauthorised use both units can be supplied with Komatsu Genuine Attachments (KGA) buckets and quick hitches.

As with other models in the Dash 8 range sold in Australia and NZ, the PC130-8 and PC138US-8 also come factory-fitted with a number of what are usually "extras" as standard.

These include dual flow quick hitch and hammer piping, hose burst protection on the boom and arm, rear view camera and emergency stop buttons (one in the cab and two on the exterior).

Since their release in 2007 (PC138US-8) and 2008 (PC130-8), these machines have proved to be very popular with Australian contractors, plant hirers, utility companies and local government, says Amber Mahoney, Komatsu Australia's National Business Manager, Construction.

"They are an ideal size for smaller jobs, but where you still need a machine with considerable grunt, digging performance and production," she says.

"And in applications where you have very tight conditions for example in built up areas or when working on roads and highways, the short-tail swing PC138US-8 provides a very versatile option."

Both machines are also each now available in an additional configuration to increase their versatility and productivity.

"The PC130-8 now features a dozer blade option, which will provide extra versatility in trench backfilling and other small earthmoving operations," Amber says.

"And with the PC138US-8, we've introduced an offset boom configuration, making it more flexible when used in confined spaces, such as when digging alongside walls or buildings.

"The offset boom incorporates a robust cast linkage system for increased durability and is available with a standard 2130 mm arm for increased breakout, or a longer 2400 mm arm when greater digging depth is needed," she says.

"Essentially Komatsu's 13 tonne excavator range consists of four variants, the PC130-8 with or without blade and the PC138US-8 with standard or offset boom," says Amber. "Komatsu Australia sales representatives are fully qualified to offer advice on selecting the right machine for a customer's application.

Brief Specs:

PC130-8 Operating weight, 12,380-13,430 kg (depending on configuration); powered by Komatsu ecot3 Tier III-compliant SAA4D95LE-5 diesel engine rated at 68.4 kW; SAE-rated digging depth, 5.32 m (with 2.5 m arm); arm breakout, 6580 kgf; bucket breakout, 8250 kgf, bucket size range, 0.18-0.6 cu m.


Operating weight, 13.48-13.91 tonnes (depending on configuration); poweredby Komatsu ecot3 Tier III -compliant SAA4D95LE-5 diesel rated at 68.4 kW; SAE-rated digging depth (with standard boom and 2.5 m arm), 5.265 m; arm breakout, 6200 kgf; bucket breakout, 8300 kgf, bucket size range, 0.18-0.6 cu m.

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