Komatsu recently released the new 860E-1K electric drive rigid frame dump truck, featuring a payload capacity of 254 tonnes (280 US tons) and the option of a factory-installed trolley-assist feature to save fuel, reduce emissions and extend engine life.

16032010Latest254ToneCapacity860E_IKTruck-(1).jpgIt is designed to be matched to Komatsu PC5500-6 and PC8000-6 -sized shovels and excavators, WA1200-3 sized wheel loaders, and large rope shovels.

Powered by a Komatsu SSDA16V160, a 2015 kW, 16-cylinder, two-stage turbocharged Tier 2 certified diesel coupled with the Komatsu, Siemens control system ensures the new 860E is capable of enduring the rigorous demands expect from mining Trucks.

According to Kris Burford, Komatsu Australia's National Product Manager, Mining, Komatsu's trolley-assist system can be used with either 1600 or 1800 volt lines, allowing the 860E to travel uphill faster while engine RPM reduces to idle speed, saving fuel and extending the life of the engine.

"Trolley-assist has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%, and is proven technology that has been extensively used in some mining markets," he said.

"Trolley-assist is also available as an option on our existing 730E-7 dump trucks, on consultation with Komatsu."

The 860E-1K Komatsu-designed drive system produces a maximum speed of 64.5 km/h through a 35.52:1 final gear ratio powered by the latest Komatsu- Siemens control package.

This unique, liquid-cooled IGBT AC-drive system provides advanced features and a smooth application of torque and traction, said Kris.

"Another key feature of the 860E is its outstanding braking power, through an ultra-quiet dynamic retarding system, capable of generating 3470 kW of braking power is assisted by four-wheel wet-disc brakes.

"These braking elements, coupled with Komatsu's traction control technology, provide excellent braking force even in difficult road conditions," he said.

With the new truck, Komatsu has also paid attention to increasing operator comfort and making driving easier and less tiring.

"The 860E-1K cab features a deluxe, five-position adjustable air ride seat as well as a full-size heavy duty passenger seat for operator training and other applications," said Kris.

"An integrated electronic dash display provides a standard suite of instrument gauges as well as payload data.

"To further enhance productivity and comfort during long shifts, the 860E's steering column tilts and telescopes to customise the operator's driving position, while automatic speed control for uphill or downhill hauling makes it easier for the operator to maintain a desired speed.

"New standard features and access systems ensure safety, comfort and longevity."

As with all Komatsu large mining equipment, the new truck features Komatsu's Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS).

"Using a satellite communications system and optional wireless download, VHMS allows both Komatsu and minesite technicians to use a simple internet interface to easily check key operating and trend data, monitor production data such as payload and cycle times, and be quickly alerted of any potential faults," Kris said.

The 860E-1K is now in limited release, followed by full-scale production in 2010.

How the 860E-1K fits Komatsu's mining truck line-up

Komatsu's latest mining truck, the 860E-1K fills a gap in Komatsu's mining truck line-up, giving it a full range of trucks from 100 US tons to 360 US tons.

Here's the new line-up:

HD785-7, 100 US tons

HD1500-7, 150-164 US tons

730E-7, 195-205 US tons

830E-1AC, 240-255 US tons

860E-1, 280 US tons

930E-4, 320-330 US tons

960E-1, 360 US tons

"Adding the 860E-1K to our mining truck range, allows Komatsu to offer the best match of hauling solutions to loading tools," said Kris Burford, Komatsu Australia's National Product Manager, Mining.

"This enables mines to select the optimum combination of machines to achieve their cost-per-tonne and productivity requirements.

"Combining this full-line truck offering with Komatsu's unique technology advances, including Autonomous Truck options and Trolley Assist, provides further opportunities for our customers to reduce haulage costs and increase production rates.

"Komatsu's investment on Research and Development in mining and construction equipment, today leads the industry in technological developments," said Kris.

"Our aim is to increase productivity, reduce the cost of machine ownership, lower the cost per tonne or cubic metre, cut fuel and consumables costs, while all the time ensuring safety is at the forefront of everything we do."