Goodman Logging

Tokoroa-based Goodman Logging is a family-based operation – run by Paul and Carol Goodman, and their children Nick and Kelly – harvesting trees in Kinleith Forest contracting to Hancock Forest Management.

Originally started by Paul and Carol in 1993, the company has been focused on contracting for Hancocks for the past five years.

At present, it has a single crew of five employees, but is looking to expand its operations.


Kelly Goodman – as with many smaller companies, she has multiple roles, including health and safety, HR and administration – is responsible for ensuring all health and safety requirements are fully complied with, as well as inductions, payroll, audits and training, plus ensuring all machines and vehicles are kept fully serviced and in top operating condition.

“I just sort of fell into this business about three years ago; I wasn’t happy in my other job, and mum suggested I join the family company and get out into the bush. So that was never my intention really, but now I think my future is forestry,” she said.

The longer-term plan is for Kelly and Nick to take over the business when their parents retire.

“When you have your entire family – mum, dad, brother – all in forestry, it sort of grabs you.

“My brother Nick is a whiz on the machines, he’s amazing at what he does. He’s been doing literally anything for the longest time, from manual falling with a chainsaw to machine cutting of the trees. He can just hop in anything and drive it,” said Kelly.

Kelly has also driven the machines – “I’ve had a go in every single one of our machines.

“But I don’t think that would be something that I want to get into as it’s very much the same thing day in/day out, and I’m very much a person who needs variety – and what I do at the moment gives me that.”

One of Goodman Logging’s key machines is a Komatsu PC270LC-8, fitted with a Duxson GX171 grapple and used as an all-round machine: loading trucks, shovelling trees for the processor or skidder.


As well, on steeper hillsides, where the skidder can’t work, it will shovel the trees down, as well as working on the skid, sorting log stacks into different grades.

It’s fitted with a custom cab supplied by Active Engineering,  fully guarded to protect the operator from chain shot when it's working on the skid around the processor. And because it’s higher on the machine, it gives better visibility in the cutover,

With around 5500 hours as of late September 2020, this unit was purchased through Komatsu Forest in Rotorua in 2018.

“We went for this machine because we find they are just well-built, strong machines with excellent componentry,” said Kelly. “Dad’s hired many Komatsu machines over the years, from back when he wasn’t in a position to buy, and he’s always found them to be about the best engineering and build quality.”


Komatsu Rotorua does all the servicing, and Kelly’s only just started working with Dave Bennett and the Rotorua team.

“I’m really looking forward to developing and building those relationship into the future,” she said. “And from what I’ve seen, the PC270 just seems to go; it does what we need it to do, and doesn’t give us any issues.”